Saturday, August 20, 2011

Provided For

I fed the girls this morning at 5:30am and when I went back to bed to catch some rest, I laid there for awhile thinking about how God has provided for us.

I remember when we found out we were pregnant with twins and how immediately everyone else freaked out. I had an immediate confidence that God would help us, equip us and provide for us. People constantly, my entire pregnancy would say, "Oh wow, can you handle it?", "You're going to be so tired", "They are going to be so much work", and on and on the negative exclamations would come. I had to continually guard my thoughts, my heart from receiving their attitudes.

Yes, twins are more work than 1 baby. Yes we are tired, but aren't all first time parents? Yes at times I have felt like its been more than we could handle, but now two months later we are still handling it and the Lord has helped us even when I felt like He wasn't helping us. Here are some ways He has provided for us:

  • Our girls were accepted into the state insurance program.
    I was trying to figure out my hospital charges and what my insurance had covered, so I called the hospital to get some answers. I knew that all the girls bills were paid for, but the representative at the hospital mentioned to me how much we would've been charged if they weren't on state insurance - Audrey's charges alone would've been over $18,000!
  • Our girls (and I) are on the WIC program.
    This allows me so much freedom as I am able to use formula to supplement their feedings which allows me greater ability to take them places. (Nursing two babies at once cannot be done just anywhere, you have to be very clever and plan for how to do it).
  • All the diapers and wipes we've used for them thus far have been given to us by family, friends and friends of friends.
    Changing at least 7-8 diapers a day per girl - this has saved us tons!
  • All the clothes they've worn thus far have been provided by family, friends and friends of friends.
    At home they've worn little boys clothes a couple times, who cares? They are clothed and that's what matters. (If you are reading this and feel bad that they've worn boys clothes, please don't feel bad for them. They don't know they are wearing boys clothes and I always dress them in girls clothes when we leave the house. Although this doesn't stop people from guessing the wrong gender. No biggie.)
  • All their furniture, blankets, bibs, burp cloths, diaper bags, socks...etc. have been provided by family, friends and friends of friends.
  • During the first month of their life, my mom, B's mom, our immediate family and some extended all pitched in to make sure there was someone staying/living with us at all times to help us get rest, eat, keep up on laundry, household chores, take showers...etc.
    I couldn't have gotten through the first month without that support. My physical well being and mental sanity needed their help and I am so thankful they were willing and able to jump into this season with us.
As you can see, we are extremely blessed. The Lord knew we were going to have twins, He planned it. He also planned how we were provided for. So, when I get concerned, or worried or anxious about tomorrow, I can just look at my past and see - Yes, God has been good. 

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  1. Also, all the wonnderful people who helped with dinners. It helped out so much, especially when we had to force the babies to eat in those first few weeks. The women at your church have been such a blessing. Thank you!