Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 1

There are so many things stirring in my spirit right now. Due to financial cutbacks, I will not be returning to work from my maternity leave. It's funny how such news hits you. It's as if the Lord was preparing me. I feel bittersweet. A chapter of my life is officially over (as if having the twins wasn't enough, ha!).

 I also feel exhilarated at what lays in front of me.

An open door.

There are things the Lord has been prompting me to step into, but I have been holding off on them. It's as if I am standing in a doorway with the door open to a cliff. I know I must go through this door, but I have been clinging to the doorway with white knuckles scared to make the leap.

One of the things I must leap into is this blog. I have been apprehensive about the fact that someone is actually going to read it! Read my thoughts! What should I share, where should I start?

I love the song New Day by I know it was written in honor of Barack Obama becoming President, but the emotion behind the song, the joy at something new happening resonates within me. Joy at something anticipated, thought about, dreamt about actually happening. What does the Lord have for me? How is He going to order my steps? How will He bring to pass the dreams I have in my heart? What will my life look like?

So, I live with baited breath, confident in my Maker, the Author of my life. This is what living by faith really is.


  1. Elaine! how exciting! I mean, yes, scary. But when you know that this is God ordained, how exciting :)

    And I am happy to read your thoughts. Mainly because you're such a good writer. You write like you speak.

  2. Elaine I can tell that your blogging is going to encourage, teach, touch hearts and offer a lot of laughs. You are a gifted communicator, and the Lord is going to use it for His glory!

    I look forward to your future entries, I love how insightful you are and your willingness to be transparent with what the Lord is taking you through.

    Love this and love you!

  3. Good Stuff!!!!! Well, I normally read picture books but your stuff captures my short attention span. ;)

  4. I love you and I could not be any more proud of you. Stepping out, taking a risk and yet is it really because your Father has you sooo covered. Many new beginnings for you in this year 2011. I am anticipating many breakthroughs in new areas and growth unbelievable! I am on the sidelines cheering you on!

  5. Remember - "Things happen TO you, so that things can happen IN you, so that things can happen THROUGH you" ... Sounds like you have your God receptors on and you're accepting the things that God wants to mold you into, and that will allow so many others to be able to receive from you.